Vicarious Shorts: The circle of fuckery.


Have you ever thought about the fact that others only perpetuate the bullshit and fuckery presented before them? Think about it– it had to start somewhere!

For example:

Gays are still constantly being persecuted as disease carrying, homewrecking, deceitful monsters.

Well if you think about it, they are. Nobody told them to KEEP doing the bullshit that people say they do.. If you want people to think differently about you, STOP doing the things they say about you.. Of course we all know a lot of this is generalized amongst the entire gay community, but sadly, its more often true. And being that society as a whole constantly whores for propaganda, nobody will understand that not ALL gays do this, nor that they need to stop giving people something to talk about.

now.. nobody said that the ‘breeders’ weren’t disease carrying, homewrecking, and deceitful as well.. but I’m just making a point here.


Black people are lazy and stupid and are always trying to get over on someone (and they LOVE fried chicken and watermelon).

THEY DO!! But this doesn’t mean we should say this about all blacks.. How about you stop bitching about the fact that people are looking at the entire race like that and be the bitch to cast the first stone in obliterating this theory? Instead of being complacent and accepting and embracing the oppression, use this as a chance to prove people wrong.

I say all of this to say: Life is what you make it. Stop GIVING people a reason to talk about you (either collectively or individually)… and then maybe people can look past stereotypes and generalizations to see the person you really are. I we can’t necessarily get everyone to change, but every person that changes makes us ALL better as a whole.