I’m a Prude? Oh Okay.


I can’t think of the last time I posted something not related to my book… Anyway.

Before I get to the real subject of this post, I think my public is in due need of an update:

Work has been the normal circus (cue Britney Spears) that it usually is. I’m not complaining, because I could be slinging fries or ass on the nearest street corner.

I was in NYC a week ago, and I really REALLY (really) hate that I had to come back to Houston. I had plenty of clothes to stay for at least another 2 weeks. But I have something up my sleeve. Just you wait. But while I was there, I had an interview at the corporate office of the company I work for (which has to remain nameless, because otherwise, I’ll get SHOT) and It went we’ll. If you didn’t know, I need to be living back in NYC by the time I’m 25. That’s another year and a week from today, July 14. ANYWAY, I found out that I didn’t get the fucking job yesterday, and while I detect hoe shit behind that, the defense rests.

Let’s move on to the rest of the trip.

I stayed in Brooklyn with my Brothers from other mothers, Husani and Jashiro, whom I haven’t seen since 2007. They are the BEST! And really know how to throw a party! FINALLY got to meet my favorite people, including Kareem who I’ve known for 3 years, and never saw in person you’d think we used to live together by the way we carry on. Not to mention the gang of friends I’ve made on Twitter in the past year that I’ve been tweeting. XD, Ajay, Joey, Kyle, all of which are the main reason that I didn’t wanna leave. ( Lemme move on before ya’ll get messy in my comments.) I also found Mariana, too. She has a GORGEOUS new place in Brooklyn, all ready for me to decorate.) I met some new and interesting folks too, such as Assante, Penny and Lakai. I’m name dropping #dinnamug, but then again, who’s writing this??

I Shopped, too. (If you know me well enough, this is self explanatory– if you don’t, let’s just say I had to carry on a bigger bag going back.)

I will also continue to neglect the fact that I ran into ‘Two’ last Friday. Ya’ll may need to call me for that story.

So, about me being a prude.

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