Jaded: Part I


I was curled up in my favorite corner of my couch, in my favorite sweats, with a warm cup of Vanilla Rooibos tea. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and I was catching up on a week’s worth of DVR recordings. I was distracted from a sudden light beaming from across the pitch black room; it was my intercom. I rolled my eyes and debated with my legs about getting up to go answer the door. Apparently my phone was in on the conversation, because it started ringing too.

“Hey Cory.”

“What are you doing? Get up! Me and Kevin are downstairs. You don’t hear the buzzer?”

“Yeah, I hear it. Do I really feel like getting up?”

My decision was made for me when Kevin pressed the buzzer until I let them up.

When they walked in, they found me in the same position I was in before they called.

“Um, get dressed! We’re going to Brooklyn. Theres a food festival, and we might go see the new Angelina movie. David is gonna meet us there, too.”

I sliced my eyes right through the plot that was being described before me. Read more…