So I logged onto ModelMayhem…


I was up late doing some work, and I got restless, and started thinking about my short period in the modeling world… And I found these:


And it got me to thinking even more… I’ve been going nuts over the past few weeks, trying to figure out what  it was that I really want to do with my life… And all of my options revolve around art/beauty/fashion, etc. I’m currently working in marketing/advertising, and for a beauty brand, while considering going to school for cosmetology, marketing, PR, and a whole gang of other fields that I can’t even think of right now.

I also have thought about trying to get back into modeling, especially due to an ongoing string of questions from my friends, asking if I was still doing it. But, my main concern is, ‘do I REALLY want it?’ As we all know, the fashion industry is very unforgiving, and I don’t want to dive head first into something that I can’t fully commit to. Which kind of explains the reason I quit the last time:

I wasn’t doing it for the money.
This may be a hard concept to grasp for some, but I really wasn’t. I really started doing it because I loved being photographed, I loved showing my creativity, I loved the excitement of getting makeup done, sitting in front of the camera, meeting other people who shared the same interest that I did.  And years later? I feel exactly the same. 

Earlier today, I had a recurring thought about the fact that even if I can’t be in front of the camera/on the runway, I could still fulfill my passion for fashion artistry, by doing hair and makeup for the models. I’ve been looking for a good school to learn makeup, that doesn’t cost $7,000 like the Make Up Designory. Although that school looks AWESOME. And then I was also thinking of the Aveda institute, which is for the full cosmetology program.

… I don’t know.

One day, it’s probably gonna just hit me, and I’ll just know what I’m supposed to be doing… probably when I’m in the middle of doing it already.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share these photos.

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