Music. Music makes me happy. It makes me love life, despite how fucked up it is. Music makes me forget there are fucked up people in the world who don’t give two shits about me. Music helps me escape. It makes me smile.

I can listen to and enjoy just about any type of music. I feel it. I inhale it. I pull it apart, and put it back together again, like a toy car. Bass is my heartbeat, treble is my brainwave. I walk in rhythm with the hi-hats. Highs make me fly, lows make me float.

Sometimes, music isn’t about the words in a song. lyrics are just poetry to music. Have you ever listened to instrumentals? Have you ever listened PAST the words? Have you felt the bass? Have you swayed with the strings? Its very intense. Sometimes music make the words make sense.

Music isn’t always about hip-hop, rock, and rb. I personally love lounge music, smooth jazz and electronic. These are the genres for the artistically epicurean . Claude Challe, Massive Attack, Paul Hardcastle, Dave Koz, Grover Washington. Anyone can shake their proverbial ass to a Beyonce song, but it takes an intellectual, open mind to enjoy a song with no catchy lyrics.

Think about it: How many times do you hear music a day? Think outside of the hours you have headphones jammed in your ears. You hear music all day, everyday. In the store, on hold, on tv, when your phone rings, when you think… Music is usually played in stores specifically for getting customers in the mood to spend money. Retailers don’t spend hundreds, thousands a year on music and sound equipment just to entertain you. Not to mention some of the greatest moments in our life are linked to a song. The day you got married, your first job, family events, heartbreak, and even death.

So, tell me: what does music do for you?


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