The Shit I Go Through…


I’m sitting at work, finishing up some reports, listening to classic Chante Moore (like, her FIRST album) and thinking about how the hell things always seem to happen to me.

So far, over the past week, I got a new computer (which really aint all that ‘new’), made a new friend (who is AWESOME) , started a new project, finished one of my short stories, dodged a few connundrums at work , got an opportunity to move to California (that I had to turn down), andI think, I may have a crush on someone… (which I’m not ready to believe yet) And, effectively taken another step on the bridge that is OVER that number ‘Two’ person. (His loss,not mine.)

But the best part about it, I was effectively able to get past it. For instance, when I found out that Apple wanted SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars to repair my MacBook, I was on the verge of a meltdown, but thanks to X.D. I began to feel better about it. And then I have to remind myself that its not the end of the world. (while however, it could’ve been the end of almost a weeks pay. but I still have to remember the damn thing still works.)

So, at the end of the day, all is not lost. I still have a job, a computer, and im still alive. I guess this is just another lesson to myself when I fly off the deep end when a situation veers left. So, whenever I get the hell out of this office, I’ll go buy a bottle of wine, and some bath salts and forget today ever happened.

UPDATE: I thought about why I become so perturrbed by most of the things that go wrong in my life. I think that its a battle in the war between me and my perfectionist, ‘Perfect Patty’. We have been at each other for the better part of the year. I feel that everything should happen how it should happen, when it should happen, and there should be nothing going wrong in the midst. I have yet to figure out an effective method of dealing with Patty, and I’m hoping I do soon.


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