In case you’ve been wondering:


I’ve been getting calls, text messages and Facebook posts, asking where I’ve been for nearly two weeks. If you’ve cared enough to notice, I’ve been kind of AWOL from social media. There’s really no MAJOR reason.. However:

-Twitter makes me think a lot. So does facebook. If you know me, you’ll know I think A LOT as it is, without the help of internet. There’s just so much going on in my time lines that makes me think way more than I have to. Between people’s personal lives, and celebrity fuckery, on top of my OWN life, I’m bound to go crazy. (for you naysayers who think I can’t multitask, I have a very demanding job which I have to manage with less than 4 hours of daily sleep, bills, a wishy washy parent, and some more shit. Don’t judge me.)

Will I come back? Sure. Anytime soon? Who knows. I think we should all take a vacation from twitter, facebook, and myspace (for whomever still uses that…) It may do you some good to NOT know what everyone is doing ALL the damn time.